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Shaker Bathrooms

Simple & stylish bathroom design

The Shaker style first commenced in the 1700’s in the US and has always been popular throughout bathrooms worldwide.  It is a classic contemporary style combining a mix of modern whilst still providing the classic elegance. Keeping in line with the modest principles rooted in the style, original shaker cabinetry and furniture featured drawer pulls and handles that were made of carved or turned wood. Proof of the Shaker design’s versatility can be seen in the way it’s been able to adopt contemporary stylings with metal hardware that recalls the beauty of the Shaker origins while keeping up to date with the changes in material.

The Cabinets

Shaker cabinets, when made of a good wood and crafted well, can be stained or painted virtually any color. However, a neutral and light tone from the white, cream or gray families gives the bathroom an inviting yet open appearance. The lighter the cabinet colors, the larger and brighter a room appears, which explains why a white or off-white is so popular. 

what is a shaker style bathroom?

A shaker style kitchen is typically one that has cabinets and doors with recessed panels – a framed profile sometimes referred to as “rail and stile”. The shaker door was traditionally made with a 5-piece door front, two rails, two stiles and a central panel. It was strong and there was little wasted timber.It’s a style that’s unpretentious and repetitive, and continues to be highly sought-after in a variety of designs.

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