Small ensuite renovation tips

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Tip 1: Consider a Corner Sink

Generally, the bathroom renovations tend to ignore the corners, leaving the space unutilised. Instead, placing a sink in the corner can help you free up a lot of space that you can use for installing other important vanities.

Tip 2: Use a Sliding Door  

Consider replacing a swinging door with a sliding one. A sliding door will not only provide an aligned area but will also open up the internal space of your bathroom, ultimately making it look spacious.

Tip 3: Float the Vanity

Mounting your vanity above the floor will automatically free up space below. As it connects to the wall, it will make your bathroom appear larger instantly. You can further use the underneath space more constructively to stack small items.

Tip 4: Select the Vanity with Round Edges

Though the sharp-edged fixtures give a sleek look, it may also appear to be imposing, especially in smaller spaces. On the other hand, a soft, round edge vanity can give continuity in design by also eliminating the risk of sharp-edged corners.

Tip 5: Make Space for Some Natural Light

Not every bathroom has a window to let the natural light in. So, if this is your case, the implementation of a simple skylight can help the need of getting the natural light. The best part is; you are not utilising any wall space here.

Tip 6: Convert the Dead Space into Storage

Utilising the dead space as storage can help you de-clutter the surface, providing you with a better storage space and a spacious look. Additionally, using a cistern space can help create a shelf simply by extending the counter above the toilet.

Tip 7: Include Mirrors to Give a Magical Effect to Your Ensuite

Mirrors are the design elements that will expand the bathroom visually by adding light to the room. If your bathroom wall permits, you can even choose a large floor to ceiling mirror in your preferred shape to create a contrast look altogether.

Tip 8: Utilise Your Door by Mounting a Towel Bar on it

Towels need to be handy and when you are struggling with the space alignment in your bathroom, mounting a towel bar on the door itself is a good idea. This will help you free up a wall space which you can further use it for other constructive additions.

Tip 9: Select Proper Flooring for Your Bathroom Space

Using large tiles for your bathroom will make the room feel larger than it actually is. In addition, with just fewer tiles to cover the space, it will leave your bathroom with less grouting and lines, making it look aesthetically appealing.

Tip 10: Plan a Proper Lighting Scheme

It is best to incorporate the shades of white to cream as this will make a small bathroom look bigger. You can further add colours to your fixtures like adding a black tap-ware. This will instantly give your bathroom, an elegant look.

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